JOHN wilkison



The challenge of painting in this demanding medium, watercolor, is fundamental to who I am.

Watercolor suits me. I love it: the process of thinking backwards into a work of art.

All painting is about abstracting and simplifying the world. Through the act of looking at an

object and it’s situation, I’m taking reality apart, reconfiguring it in my mind - changing it inside

me - and putting it back out in such a way that the viewer believes that these strokes of color

and light, are objects, scenes, and narratives.”

I try for a feeling of atmospheric cohesiveness in the visual image, avoiding unnecessary

techniques, if they conflict with the vision of a larger atmosphere and psychology of a piece. In

this guise, abstraction of the situation becomes the foremost act. Color, texture and chiaroscuro

are my tools.

Though I sometimes separate from painting, to explore other pursuits; returning to watercolor,

always feels natural.  As I see it, my time spent “away” from the medium, is often spent in

a deeper study of how the world around me feeds back into my watercolor work. Magic and

mystery are at the heart of this pursuit.

Without being overly dramatic, I attempt to create a spontaneous sense of visual mystery

through the dramatic use of light. Transparent watercolor offers this luminous effect by

its’ very nature.