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Mind the Gap: Works in Black & White

As the end of spring approaches we ask you to “mind the gap” at Cumberland Gallery. For two weeks we will briefly depart from our regular exhibition schedule to showcase a selection of black & white works on paper including drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, printmaking, and more. View an array of art that addresses the fundamentals of value, space, and mark making, while transcending the necessity of color. Artists include Don Early, Jesse Shaw, Doug Schatz, Kell Black, Cheryl Goldsleger, Peter Milton, Don Gilbert, and more.

April 27th 6 - 8pm: An Evening of Art, Food and Friends

On April 27th, please join us for a classic evening of art, food, and friends, with music by John Pell and a wine provided by Bud's Liquors and Wine. Black & White attire is requested.