Reclining Man with 16 Birds and Avian Bones
Man with Plane and Empty Chair
Man with Empty Chair and 43 Birds
Waking Man with Audubon's Thrashers Attacking a Snake
Sleeping Man with Plant and Egret
Man with Plane and Running Dog
Missing Dog
Animal Lovers: Cat, Bird, Dogs
Frame Samples
The Dutch Girl
Sleeping Man Burning Car
Sleeping Man Falling Plane
We've Been Watching the House
Jilting Arcadia 2: With Apologies to Albert Bierstadt
Jilting Arcadia 3
Jilting Arcadia 1: With Apologies to Albert Bierstadt
Wobble 5 : Leaving Bhutan
Wobble 6: Punakha Valley, Bhutan
Taken By The Big Sea
Spiked Melon
Scenic Overlook: Hot and Sour
Scenic Overlook: Takeout
Vanitas: The Physician
Vanitas: The Therapist
Vanitas: Lust
Vanitas: Lust 2
Office Park:Pitcher Plant
Office Park: Cubicles and Charles Darwin
Office Park: Getting Mower In Touch With Nature
Medical Center
Tiny Town Terrors: Spill
Gardener Listening: Rhizome
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