Lucky 258: Still Life with Figurines
Reclining Man with 16 Birds and Avian Bones
Man with Plane and Empty Chair
Man with Empty Chair and 43 Birds
Waking Man with Audubon's Thrashers Attacking a Snake
Sleeping Man with Plant and Egret
Man with Plane and Running Dog
Missing Dog
Animal Lovers: Cat, Bird, Dogs
Frame Samples
The Dutch Girl
Sleeping Man Burning Car
Sleeping Man Falling Plane
We've Been Watching the House
Jilting Arcadia 2: With Apologies to Albert Bierstadt
Jilting Arcadia 3
Jilting Arcadia 1: With Apologies to Albert Bierstadt
Wobble 5 : Leaving Bhutan
Wobble 6: Punakha Valley, Bhutan
Taken By The Big Sea
Spiked Melon
Vanitas: The Physician
Vanitas: The Therapist
Vanitas: Lust
Vanitas: Lust 2
Tiny Town Terrors: Spill
Gardener Listening: Rhizome
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