All I Do Is Win No Matter What, Santa's Pub
Polka Dots and Bottle Caps, Browns
Dance #054
Dance #055
Dance #082
Blue Dancer
Dance #072
Dance #027
Tree Series #0209
Clouds Over HD Mountains
Clouds Over Santa Fe
Clouds Over Tunnel Hill
Push-Pull Landscape
Windmill + Clouds over Santa Fe
Grazing Horses at Wilderado Rance
Three Horses Graze Under NM Sky, AP
Fire Mane
Mane Landscape
Black's Neck
Flippin Mane
Leo's Mane and Shoulder
Four Eggs
Two Eggs Facing #832
Half Broken Egg #835
Egg #835
Broken Egg #1
Egg #848
Two Eggs
Many Broken Eggs
Red and Black Stripe
Homage To Grandma's Chickering
Night Rider
Portal One
Portal Two
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