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Aquatic (Nashville)  (2010), edition of 25, archival pigment print.

Aquatic (Nashville) (2010), edition of 25, archival pigment print.

While I am an artist who works within a number of disciplines, my lens-based work is discrete and addresses the world in the most direct way. The formal and material relationships that exist in my photographs are evidence of the accumulated human contact with the built world, contact that has yielded a unique but shared entropic beauty specific to place. As I have traveled, I have been arrested by how other global cultures address their built environment. While we at times would rather tear down and re-build, many cultures, perhaps out of both necessity and practicality, restore and reinforce what exists.
I am in pursuit of subjects that have a timeless clarity and order. With an economy of means, I attempt to produce photographs that possess a formal rigor while being suggestive. I remain skeptical of special effects, and, as a producer of images, I consider my involvement with the camera a meditative act. My intent is to produce photographs that reflect an artifactural and architectural nature: of what may have survived, been restored, and moreover, are indicative of human function, purpose, and perhaps ritual.
My photographs stem from a minimalist aesthetic. They are simultaneously factual records and abstract construction. I attempt to maintain a balance between my conception of a given subject, its image capture, its subsequent process of development, and ultimately its stasis. The reductive compositions that I have found, and arrested, are equally concerned with the problems of photographic vision, and the perception of concrete reality.

John Fraser, 2019

Material Witness

The featured images are part of a selected collection of photographs featured in John Fraser's recently published third volume of the ongoing series Material Witness. These publications, partially supported by the Illionois Arts Council Agency, highlight the artist's camera work which is characterized by intuively transformed compositions of the built environment. Volume III in particular is a review of Fraser's analogue work from the 1980's juxtaposed with recent digital compositions that refer back to the painterly characteristics and content of his earlier work.

Please click the link below to view previews of the entire volumes and their essays:

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“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”. - Francis Bacon