Terry williams

Tennessee based artist Terry Williams earned his BFA in sculpture from the Middle Tennessee State University where he studied under James Gibson. He went on to receive his MFA in sculpture from the University of Kansas and was the recipient of two Ward Lockhart scholarships. Having learned the sheet metal trade from his father and grandfather, Williams creates welded and constructed metal sculptures. Abstract yet recognizable, Williams's sculptures are personal narrative compositions often informed by the middle class blue collar environment the artist grew up in.



I grew up in a middle class blue collar environment in Tennessee. My father and grandfather were both sheet metal workers. As I grew older, I also learned the sheet metal trade. This trade places great emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and a strong work ethic. The traits of an artisan do not dominate my art work; however, they are an intrinsic element of it. The craftsman’s goal is an utilitarian product, while my purpose as an artist is visual communication.

My sculptures are personal narrative compositions. They are about ordinary events, object, occurrences, people, places, good times and bad. These are subject matters that I am familiar with and which help shape my sensitivity.

The ideas are conveyed to the viewer through welded and constructed metal. The human anatomy has been simplified to bold formalized strict profiles. Although the sculptures are abstract, there are images that are recognizable. The figurative gestures are combined with symbolic ‘signs’ that communicate the concepts of the pieces. The sculptures are cleanly refined and finished with an indoor blue-steel surface.




1987               The University of Kansas

                       Lawrence KS

                       Master of Fine arts - Sculpture

1980               Middle Tennessee State University

                       Murfreesboro TN

                       Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture



1983-84          Ward Lockhart Scholarship

                        Department of Art

                        The University of Kansas

1982-83           Ward Lockhart Scholarship

                        Department of Art

                        The University of Kansas


One person exhibitions

2010                 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN (Scheduled)

1995                 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN

1989                 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN

1984                 Missouri Western State College

                         Fine Arts Building

                         St Joseph MO

1981                 Marnie Sheridan Gallery

                         Harpeth Hall Academy

                         Nashville TN


Group Exhibitions

2016                  Local Fare, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

1999-2009        Small Packages, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN

1995-98            Art Fair Seattle, Seattle WA

1999                  San Francisco Art Fair, San Francisco CA   

1992                 Sculpture in the Garden, The Erwin-White Gardens, Nashville TN

1990                 The Landed in Lawrence, Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery, Nashville TN