tom judd




Selected Solo Exhibitions


2016                        DON'T FENCE ME IN, Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT

                                HOME ON THE RANGE, Stremmel Gallery, Reno, NV

2015                       THE MYTH OF THE FRONTIER, William Holeman Gallery, NYC

2014                       TOM JUDD: MANIFEST DESTINY,  Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO

                                HOMELAND/TOM JUDD AND REBECCA BIRD. William Holman Gallery, NYC

                                THE HERMIT PROJECT,  The West Collection, Oaks PA

2013                       LEAP, Liao Collection, Philadelphia, PA

                                TOM JUDD & JIM PHALAN, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

                                CONFIGURATIONS, William Holman Gallery, New York, NY

2012                       TOM JUDD - THE ARCHAIC FUTURE, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA

                                TOM JUDD, Julie Nester Gallery, Park City, UT

2011                       ARCHAIC FUTURE, Aedas Architects, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY

                                THE WORLD IS FLAT, Stremmel Gallery, Reno, NV

                                THE LOST HIGHWAY, Dixie College Sears Gallery, ST. George, UT

2010                       New Work, Julie Nester Gallery, Park City, UT

                                "Residual Evidence - Paintings by Tom Judd", Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL

2009                       Evidence of a Collected Past: A Retrospect, The Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia, PA

                                Tom Judd- Small Works, Hudson Beach Glass, Philadelphia PA

2008                       Peter Marcelle Contemporary, Southampton, NY

                                Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN

                                Stremmel Gallery, Reno NV

                                Costello/Childs Contemporary Fine Art, Phoenix AZ        

                                La Salle University Art Museum, Philadelphia PA

2007                       THE NEW WORLD, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia PA

                                PAINTINGS, Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta GA

                                WILD LIFE, Julie Nester Gallery, Park City UT

                                Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum ID

2006                       Fiction, Julie Nester Gallery, Park City, Utah

                                New Continent, Weber Fine Art, Scarsdale, NY

                                Degrees of Perception, Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO

2005                       The Hermit Project + New Work Installation, Stremmel Gallery, Reno, NV (Catalog)        

                                Tijuana Weekend Installation, Scott White Contemporary, San Diego, CA

                                Field Guide, Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID

2004                       Paintings, Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, IL

2003                       Essential Ornaments, Franklin Bowles Gallery, New York, NY

                                Tom Judd, Weber Fine Art, Scarsdale NY

                                Tom Judd, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN

2002                       Tom Judd, Sandler/Hudson Gallery, Atlanta GA

                                Tom Judd, Stremmel Gallery, Reno NV

2001                       Franklin Bowles Galleries, New York NY

                                Edward Day, Toronto, ON

                                Weber Fine Art, Scarsdale NY

                                Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe NM

                                Butters Gallery, Portland OR

2000                       When Reason Dreams: Drawings inspired by Visionary, the Fantastic and the Unreal, The   Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA

                                Doors, Associated American Artists, New York NY

                                Small Paintings, Sandler / Hudson, Atlanta GA

                                Tom Judd, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, ON Canada

1999                       Associated American Artists, New York NY

1998                       Sandler/ Hudson, Atlanta GA

1997                       Blackboard Chronicals, Drive Through Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

1995                       Tom Judd, Snyderman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1994                       The Billboard Project, Coordinated by Snyderman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

                                Tom Judd, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia PA

1993                       Tom Judd, Snyderman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1990                       Tom Judd, Philadelphia Art Alliance (catalogue), Philadelphia, PA

1989                       Tom Judd, Gayke Weyher Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

1987                       All In A Day's Riding, Janet Fleisher Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1986                       Recent Work, Merion Art Gallery, Lancaster, PA

1985                       Modern Day People, Janet Fleisher Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1985                       Tom Judd, Coe Kerr Gallery, New York, NY

1984                       Hymn for a Landscape, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1982                       New Work, Eric Makler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1981                       Tom Judd, Paintings and Drawings, The Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, UT

1980                       The Story of Egypt and Utah, Eric Makler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016                       Family Ties, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

2011                       Tom Judd, Patrick Locicero, Billy Renkl - New collages, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville TN

2006                       Rivising Arcadia, The Landscape in Contemporary Art, Cornell Museum of Fine Art, Winter Park, FL

2003                       Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

                                Dichotomy Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO

                                A&C Fine Art, Inc., East Greenwich, RI

                                David Floria, Aspen, CO

                                Mira Mar Gallery, Sarasota, FL

                                ADM Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

                                Concept Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

2000                       Butters Gallery, Portland, OR

                                Animals in Painting, Stremmel Gallery, Reno, NV

1999                       Soma Gallery, LaJolla, CA

1998                       Mira Mar Gallery, Sarasota, FL

1997                       The Contemporary Landscape, Associated American Artists, New York, NY

1994                       Festival of Masks, Snyderman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1992                       Landscape As Stage, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (Curated by Raphael Rubenstein)

1987                       Tom Judd and Maureen Ure, Gayl e Weyher Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

1986                       Contemporary Artist's Screens, Traveling Exhibition (Curated by Virginia Butera)

                                Contemporary Philadelphia Painting, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

1985                       An Inside Place, The Noyes Gallery, Oceanville, NJ (Catalog with essay by Sid Sachs)

                                Janet Fleisher Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

                                Bathers, Coe Kerr, New York, NY

                                Contemporary and Modern Painting, Coe Kerr, New York, NY

                                Tom Judd and Don Colley Prints, Janet Fleisher Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1983                       Three Philadelphia Artists, Millersville State University, Millersville, PA

1981                       Invitational, Monique Knowlton, New York, NY

1979                       Contemporary Drawing: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA Curated by Frank Goodyear and Ann Percy (catalogue)


Prizes and Fellowships


                Tandem Press, Fellowship Residency


                Millay Colony, fellowship for August


                Macdowell Colony, fellowship for July


                Pollock/Krasner Grant


Cultural Projects


                Waterfront Marriott Hotel Commission, Seattle WA


                History of the World Mural, City of Philadelphia PA


                The Chalkboard Chronicles, TZ Art, New York NY


                Lost Vacation Billboard, Philadelphia PA


Public Appearances and Lectures


Panel Lecturer, “The Path with Heart” with artists Ray Metzker and Judith Schaechter and musician Allen Krantz, Mainline Arts Center, Philadelphia PA


Guest Instructor, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia PA


Lecturer, ADM Gallery, Philadelphia PA

Guest Lecturer, University of the Artis, Philadelphia PA


Guest Lecturer, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia PA

Guest Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA


Keynote Speaker, "Beyond Survival" Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Lecture, Mainline Arts Center, Philadelphia PA



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                Judd, Tom, Grid Magazine “Dispatch: Where are You Going? Where Have You Been?”May 27 2011

2010       Marquez, Carolina, ArtDistricts Magazine, “Tom Judd: Discovery” May 2010

2009       Seibert, Lauren, The Philadelphia City Paper, “Tom Judd: Evidence of a Collected Past”  November 23, 2009

2005       Pincus, Robert L., The San Diego Union-Tribune, “The Doors of Perception” August 4, 2005

                Skorupa, Susan, Reno Gazette-Journal, “Home Alone: Artist Installs Hermit’s Lair at Stremmel” March 28, 2005

2002       West, Judy, Inquirer Magazine, "The Artist at Home", October 6

1999       Gallery reviews, The New Yorker Magazine, March 15

                Forsberg, Helen, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Humor, Yearning in Ex-Utah Judd's "Remnants", March7

1997       Be ll, J.B., Review Magazine, "The Contemporary Landscape", March 1, New York

                Hainer, Cathy, USA Today (LIFE Section), "Blackboard Chronicles", June 6

1995       Neff, Eileen, Artforum, "Tom Judd", December

1993       Sozanski, Edward J., The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Fragmented Landscapes seen through the lens of memory"

1984       Sozanski, Edward J., The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Tom Judd¹s Art: Odd World of Boats and Cacti"

1981       Jarmusch, Ann, Art News, "If Vermeer were alive today would he be painting in Philadelphia?"

1980       Stein, Judith, Portfolio Magazine, "Portrait of Philadelphia"

1979       McFadden, Sarah, Art in America, "Report from Philadelphia"



                Reto Reitman, Hong Kong, China

                David Douglas Duncan, Cannes, France

                ARA Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

                Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown, and Sandler, Philadelphia, PA

                Kraft Food Company

                Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA

                Redding Pretzel Machine Corporation, PA

                The Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL

                The Klein Group

                The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA


                1973-75 Philadelphia College of Art, B.F.A.

                1970-72 University of Utah, Painting




I have always been interested in chairs, how this ubiquitous piece of furniture can embrace and reflect the human experience. I didn’t start painting them until 2010 when they became part of a body of work I called “The Archaic Future”, a series of portraits ofmid-century modern homes by the likes of Marcel Breuer and Les Corbusier to name a few. One of my interests in doing these works was how time transforms everything; what is new and future looking eventually becomes old and nostalgic. The furniture, the chairs of this time reflect the values and perspectives that dominated the thinking behind the architecture.

Later, a friend gave me a book of early English chairs. I was fascinated with the range of the designs, and how like the early modern chairs, they reflected the architecture they were made for and the attitude-philosophy of the time. I begin to see how chairs are like people, the visual impact of just how they look creates a whole world. There is everything from simple utilitarian chairs which are primarily designed to perform a particular function, to the highly designed, usually pretentious chairs which speaks directly about the social standing of their owners and users. As with people, they come in many different shapes and sizes and say many things to us. They have personalities!

Most of my paintings of chairs are combined with seemingly incongruous images of landscape, wallpaper and other collaged elements. This is in effort to shake up the context of how we look at them. I mostly am interested in the chance associations which suggest something contradictory and hopefully create more questions then answers. It is this combining of imagery that can trigger memories and thoughts, a kind of visual poetry.